There was an incident that taught me something about turning to Hashem for help.
At a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in Jerusalem, one man who was seven years sober related that he had resisted AA at first because it was God-oriented, and he was an atheist.

“One day,” he said, “I was walking along the beach in Tel Aviv, thinking whether I should just walk into the ocean and end it all. I had nowhere to go, my wife had thrown me out of the house. In desperation, I looked toward the sky and shouted, ‘If You’re up there, then help me!’

“And He helped me.
“Now, with the help of God, I am seven years sober.”
When I heard this, I thought of the verse in Tehillim: “Hashem

is close to all who call upon Him, who call upon Him in truth.” That’s the clincher: in truth.