There were two episodes of spies sent to Canaan. Those sent by Moses resulted in a disaster from which we still suffer thousands of years later, whereas those sent by Joshua resulted in triumph. Why the radical difference?

Hashem had promised the Israelites the conquest of Canaan, but they lacked the trust and faith in Hashem. They sent the spies to see whether they were indeed capable of conquering the land. Joshua’s spies had no such doubt. They were only interested in what is the best method to achieve this.

This is a message for all time. If you question whether or not you can achieve your goal, there will be many doubts, and you may decide that you cannot do it. If you are determined that you will do it, but are just looking for the most efficient way, you will succeed.

In addiction, we cannot afford to think whether or not we can recover. There is no option. If we are determined that we will recover, and we are looking for the best way to do so, we will succeed.