When Hashem gave the Jews the Torah, they said, “naaseh v’nishma“, we will do and we will listen. The commentaries ask, “How can they do before they hear?”

At an AA meeting, a prominent lawyer, who was celebrating his 40th year of sobriety, said, “When I first joined AA, I was making meetings, but still getting drunk. I asked an old-timer why the program wasn’t working for me. He said, ‘Fella, I’ve been watching you. You’re trying to understand how this program works. Stop that. Just do as you’re told and keep your ears open.’

“I was insulted. I am an attorney. I have to understand how things work. But I kept on getting drunk, so I decided to try his way. Now I’m 40 years sober.”

That is naaseh v’nishma. Do as you’re told and keep your ears open.